Medicine Ball: This term scares most of the people. As they think that this is only for hard workout fanatics. It is just not true. Medicine ball comes in much different weight such as 5,8,10 and 12 pound. Most of the peoples are surprised on how much world this is to have your golf stances with five pound of medicine ball. Then slowly travel through golf swing. It is for strengthening muscles which you will utilize during golf motion of yours.

The Exercise Band: The resistance band is very versatile. Most of the peoples should not think that this band can give lot of challenge. Not only have they allowed you to improve your flexibility but they can play very huge building muscles as well. But if you have to travel lot then band is very easy to pack. As they do not take much space and may turn hotel room or the nearby park into workout station.

Weighted Golf Club: This in conjunction with medicine ball will help you in building core muscles needed for the golf. You will wish to be sure that club is weighted throughout entire club and not only lot of weight at one of the end. Having all of this weight at one of the end will not feel like golf swing of yours and causing the problem to arise with your present time motion.

The golf Fitness DVD: For those of you, with home gym and using fitness DVD is very huge way to getting in workout. You may have best personal trainer who is working for you out on schedule. Although many peoples think that yoga is for stretching but there are many forms of yoga which will make you seat and will build strength and as well as enhance your flexibility.

Golf Fitness – What Equipment You Need To Play It

Most of the people tiger wood with bringing golf fitness to game. However there were players prior to tiger realizing. Benefit of golf exercise such as Gary player. With all newer technology research has given us various clues on own to improve our game away from course when we are working out. This depends on your goal to be top level player. Who is doing exercise and watching your nutrition is must. Below we will discuss a few these different areas.

Golf fitness nutrition: Again your nutrition will depend on your goal. Which you have set for your game. If you are casual golfer and are out to have fun with your friend. Then you should have this and enjoy yourself. However if you are playing very serious round of golf then you should put in your body can affect your performance.

Golf Fitness Workouts: This is an area which has really helped golfer to become more efficient with their swing. Training is the core muscles of the human body and is important as well as in keeping flexibility within muscles.

Golf Fitness Equipment: You may go to gym for work out or you may do this in your home gym. In either way following equipment can help you to reach to your goal.

Swiss Exercise Ball: We all have seen that these extra large ball at gym. They are very flexible piece of equipment as you can perform multiple exercises on them. When you are strengthening your muscles. Of course you can do sit up on one of these balances ball. But you can do also to do lot of chest and shoulder work.